February 14

George Washington

Played a military roll in the american revolution war 1776                        commanded Continental army filed of Cambridge

proved to be capable,resiliant


George Washington


replied to townshed acts 1770

In 1774 he chired at fairfax resolves

commanded Continental army in american                                                               revolutionary war 1775-1783

January 18


For 2017 i want to do some things like workout,sighn up for scoocer these are bacicly my goals.Iam trying to do these things on my own and a little help from my mom.Also i want to be better at soacial studies. Also for 2017 i want to be a better kid be nicer because some times i can be a little harsh and mean. i realised some thing that i don’t have to be big and bad because i am me and no one can change me.I hope i have a great year this year in 2017

December 8

Pearl Harbor Reflections

I found out that 2,343 men were killed and 1,272 were wounded and 960 left missing. Only 28 Japanese planes were shot down and that only 5 mini submarines sunk.Japanese consisted 353 planes that attacked in two waves.because of this the Japanese canceled a second attack.

November 14

RED Ribbon Week

Red ribbon week alcohol and tobacco and other drug and violence prevention and awareness  campaigned yearly.In October in the u.s.red ribbon week is to prevent from drugs. The red ribbon week was made after a kidnapping and to prevent from drugs. It is not about fundraisers it is to make sure your school is drug free.

November 7

My favorite season

My favorite season is summer because there is no school and no homework.Another reason is that way I can sit by the pool and chat with friends and do cannonballs.Plus there are no parents and freedom to do what we want and we can ride fourweelers freely.Also no rain so we don’t get wet.That is why I like summer.

October 24

my story

One day landen who was a vampire  was walking through the forest then meat a shoe and was married to a tree. Then took a nap then the shoe was took away from his family and then got mad and turned evil.Then  100 years later the vampire woke up and then the full moon came out then a mystery creature came and took his wife and his name was blake. Then one mysterious night and then chris lindsey came and told landen and then landen came to the rescue.  Saved his wife and the evil shoe was fought bravely and then chris came and helped me fight then I found out that he was working for a shoe invention.then we went back to the haunted house.Then me and gabriel killed a clown.The end