March 21

War Of 1812

We will never forget the war of 1812

Andrew Jackson military

Remember this day as pad


Over the time you might forget

Fighting back of 1812


1812 the war happend

8-eighteen twelve marked Federalist party

1910 battle of new Orleans

24th December senet ratified treaty


March 1

battle of Brandywine

The battle took place in September 9th (1777) it should be remembered because we lost troops from 15,000 to 6,000.lieutenant general sir William Howe was the commander of the British forces. General horatio gate’s was the commander of the northern army.Due to poor scooting, the Americans did not detect Howe’s Colum. The British won the battle 200 were killed,750 wounded,400 prisoners

February 14

George Washington

Played a military roll in the american revolution war 1776                        commanded Continental army filed of Cambridge

proved to be capable,resiliant


George Washington


replied to townshed acts 1770

In 1774 he chired at fairfax resolves

commanded Continental army in american                                                               revolutionary war 1775-1783

January 18


For 2017 i want to do some things like workout,sighn up for scoocer these are bacicly my goals.Iam trying to do these things on my own and a little help from my mom.Also i want to be better at soacial studies. Also for 2017 i want to be a better kid be nicer because some times i can be a little harsh and mean. i realised some thing that i don’t have to be big and bad because i am me and no one can change me.I hope i have a great year this year in 2017